Human Trafficking News site on tumblr is launched

In an effort to raise more human trafficking awareness, Hope for Justice has launched Human Trafficking News on micro-blogging site tumblrHuman Trafficking News will gather and compile highly relevant posts on all things human trafficking. Its tagline:

“The good, the bad, and the ugly truth of human trafficking, so help us God. Truth has a way of inspiring, appalling, and calling us to action. Let’s end human trafficking in our lifetime.”

Initially, Hope for Justice staff and its 8 college interns have submitted posts ranging from inspiring quotes to the best videos to news covering USA, Canada, England, Australia, Ivory Coast, and Uganda. We are hoping we will be able to cover news from the four corners of the earth so we can see how much of a global crisis this issue is.

Human Trafficking News is a grassroots collaboration project where anyone from anywhere in the world can submit newsworthy items such as text (e.g. online news), quote, photo,  video, link, chat (e.g. interview style), or audio.

To view site, go to

To submit a post, click here

To stay connected, go to HT News’ Twitter + Facebook Page

One thought on “Human Trafficking News site on tumblr is launched

  1. One of the lawyers paid in profits of human trafficking and slavery:

    reach her by twitter @BarristerAccess.

    She encourages abuse of women and children by defending smugglers and pimps. She can be reached by phone listed on her website: Elizabeth J Nicholls

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