2 new added directors at ‘Hope for Justice’

We are ecstatic to have recently added Christian St. Jacques and Sarah Quill to the leadership team of Hope for Justice.

Christian will be the Creative Director and has been a local abolitionist for a few years. He is known as an artist being a poet and giving spoken word performances. Current project is creating a short video about our Buy Sex, Buy Rape sex trafficking prevention campaign. He will be working with local artists as well and helping to organize events.

Sarah recently arrived in Seattle having grown up in Maui before venturing off into far away lands like Scotland, England, and Egypt. She has a Human Rights Masters degree and did a lot of humanitarian relief work in Egypt. We are excited to have her contribution in various projects including grant writing and posting international news on human trafficking at our new Human Trafficking News site on tumblr.

Please read their brief bio here.

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