Feeding the Homeless


First Wednesday of each month, Human Rights Society feeds the homeless with our volunteers at Operation Nightwatch in Seattle. We serve dinner to 140+ precious homeless people on the first Wednesday of every month. Every night, Operation Nightwatch coordinates a night at a local shelter for each homeless “client”, gives them a bus ticket, a clean pair of socks, and have volunteers serve a free dinner. They also provide long-term senior housing as well as many other services to this population.

First Wednesday of Each Month
Team of 8 people prep, serve, and clean to feed 140+ “clients.” You can prepare a portion of the meal (i.e. appetizer, entree, or dessert) and/or come ready to serve the homeless.

Time + Place
6:45 pm to 11 pm (but volunteers can leave earlier if they have to) and Operation Nightwatch is at 302 14th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98144, intersection of International District-Yesler-Central District.

What happens each night?
A different volunteer feeds the homeless so that the staff + other volunteers of Operation Nightwatch can serve their “clients” such as (1) Find a shelter for night for each person (2) Serve dozen or so elderly who have semi-longer term residency upstairs (3) Give each person a new pair of socks (4) Shuttle service to shelter (5) Bus ticket and more.

Help us promote
Point people to this webpage, email folks on our behalf, and/or invite others on the facebook event page

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