Human Rights Society Staff Team are passionate human rights activists and advocate the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Currently as an all-volunteer staff team with our interns and volunteers, we will always strive to make a difference to make this world a more better place advocating for human rights and fighting its abuses.

ALEX SUM | Founder & Executive Director
Alex began his human rights activism in 2007 after starting a social justice community group amongst friends. When the group got to human trafficking, Alex knew immediately it was “the issue” that resonated with him the most. This began his journey as an abolitionist. First, Alex began volunteering with International Justice Mission (IJM) where got him to see video footages of girls as young as 7-years old in brothels. This devastated Alex to no end and he knew he needed to do “something.” Volunteering with IJM led him to become their Seattle Benefit Chairperson for a couple of years, amongst other events. In 2009, through IJM’s encouragement, Alex co-founded Seattle Against Slavery (SAS) as a region-wide anti-trafficking coalition working with service providers, politicians, law enforcement, and other grassroots activists. In 2011, Alex founded Human Rights Society to focus on human rights on more global perspective. With a highly collaborative approach, Alex is connected with many justice-oriented nonprofits and speaks regularly including as a guest lecturer at the University of Washington. He ideates many programs with his teams. A Seattleite, Alex earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington’s (UW) Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, loves travel, and being a dad to 5 wonderful bambinos. For more info on Alex: LinkedIn | @alexsum |  alex(at)humanrightssociety(dot)org
Heather-Poornima-OanaHEATHER & POORNIMA | Feed the Homeless Program Co-Directors
Heather and Poornima are tech professionals and are part of a tech community who have traveled across the country to work at one of Seattle’s global tech titans. After being introduced by their friend Oana (a former co-director of HRS) and several months of serving with us in 2018, Heather and Poornima has co-led our precious program since April 2018. We are very privileged to have their support and leadership! | info(at)humanrightssociety(dot)org


  • Emma Hurlbert | 2017 Winter—Present | University of British Columbia  (Vancouver, BC, CANADA)