‘And to the little ones’ a poem on Human Trafficking

And to the Little Ones. (A Poem about documenting the parallel of human trafficking as a ‘Universal’ issue, both ‘foreign’ & ‘domestic’.)

Kidnapped from her Cambodian village \\ Sold for a dollar and a hot plate by her poor parents to an affluent, sinister global market \\ Botum’s 10-year-old bones rattle with fear.

Her Heart? bound by shackles – chained. Broken into fragmented cries where in small back rooms no one can hear her voice.

Her spirit worn, and weary by westerners who promise the world and leave her a lump of mud…

No breath…No breath…

Can’t breathe in this empty tomb.

Botum’s humanity, her dignity, her soul is battered and bartered on the black market for a dime. \\ And pundits predict her body will be found in a ditch in an alley some – day.

Vacant eyes wandering and abandoned; her neighborhood in Tacoma \\ Haley is “Sold!” for a dime bag by her vacant addicted mother to suits and briefcases with Seattle plates.

Haley’s 14-year-old bones rattle with fear.

Stolen from school and dreams and friends.

Her lifeless body puts food on the table

She eats the devil’s dinner

And her humanity her dignity

her soul vanishes.

No breath…No breath…

Can’t breathe in this toxic corner of the world.

And pundits predict Haley’s vacant body will be found in an ally or a trash can before her 18th birthday.

And thus says the Lord,“Come from the four winds, o breath! And breathe upon the slain! That they may live!”That they may live! That they may run and play and lay in the streets and look up at the stars…

That they may dream of romance and significance and peace for their families and their people. That they may breathe and stand and live…

And to Botum and Haley to their rattling bones to the little ones who bear God’s image.

The Lord God says,




By: Christian St. Jacques

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