Myanmar Army Claims It Has Ended Rohingya Muslim Crackdown

Originally by Eleanor Ross for Newsweek on February 16, 2017—
“Myanmar’s army has ended its “clearance” operations in the turbulent Rakhine state in the north of the country, a senior official said in a statement Wednesday. The army has now returned control of the region back to the police, it was also reported.

National Security Officer Thaung Tun said in the statement: “The situation in northern Rakhine has now stabilized. The clearance operations undertaken by the military have ceased, the curfew has been eased and there remains only a police presence to maintain the peace.”

The “clearance” operations resulted in the emigration of 69,000 Rohingya Muslims to neighboring Bangladesh. Thousands of Rohingya people are believed to have been killed during the four-month campaign.”

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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