ISIS Reportedly Keeps Files on How Many Sex Slaves Its Fighters Have

Originally posted on Fox News on February 7, 2017—
“The Islamic State reportedly keeps meticulous records of its jihadi warriors on file with some of the information ranging from country of origin to blood type to the amount of slave girls each fighter has.

Documents obtained by the Washington Post show the different informational categories the terror group keeps on its fighters. An illustration from the newspaper showed that one Frenchman who joined ISIS in 2015 had a B+ blood type and didn’t have any slave girls or children from slave goals. The file also shows that the man didn’t have any children or wives in so-called “infidel countries.”

Reuters reported last November that men caught in the ISIS terror network must obey decisions of a senior cleric over how to share their sex slaves. One pamphlet included a question-and-answer section on women and girls held as ISIS captives. It stated: “Non-Muslim women can be taken as concubines.””

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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