Sudanese Forces Committed Mass Rape; Women Attacked in Hospitals

Originally posted by Cara Anna for The Associated Press on September 9, 2015—
“Human Rights Watch is accusing the Sudanese military of another mass rape in Darfur.

Members of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces raped at least 60 women in the country’s troubled western region, after taking over the town of Golo in January, according to a new report by the rights group released Wednesday. It says many women were attacked in a hospital where people had taken shelter.

“Many of the women were gang raped, often in front of community members who were forced to watch,” the report says. “Some of those who resisted were killed. The naked bodies of many dead women were later discovered in the streets; other women were burned alive.”

Human Rights Watch interviewed 23 people who were in the village or neighbouring villages at the time.

“My father was defending us so that we would not be raped and he was beaten to death,” resident Nur al-Huda said in the report. “After they killed my father they raped the three of us. Me and my two sisters.””

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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