New ‘Collaborating Against Human Trafficking’ Book

Human Rights Society endorses new anti-trafficking book, Collaborating Against Human Trafficking by Dr. Kirsten Foot

Kirsten-Foot_headshot“Dr. Kirsten Foot has given the anti-trafficking community a monumental gift with this book! It is a powerful tool to guide more effective collaboration as well as catalyzing more coalitions and networks locally, regionally, and globally. I recommend this book to activists, students, members of coalitions/alliances/networks/task forces in the justice world to read real-life stories and learn from the best practices as told in this book by Dr. Foot.” ~ Alex Sum, Founder of Human Rights Society & Co-Founder of Seattle Against Slavery and formal endorser of this great book

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Foot-C1From publisher’s description (Rowman & Littlefield):

In the fight against human trafficking, cross-sector collaboration is vital – but often, systemic tensions undermine the effectiveness of these alliances. Kirsten Foot explores the most potent sources of such difficulties, offering insights and tools that leaders in every sector can use to re-think the power dynamics of partnering.

Weaving together perspectives from many sectors including business, donor foundations, mobilization and advocacy NGOs, faith communities, and survivor-activists, as well as government agencies, law enforcement, and providers of victim services, Foot assesses how differences in social location (financial well-being, race, gender, etc.) and sector-based values contribute to interpersonal, inter-organizational, and cross-sector challenges. She convincingly demonstrates that finding constructive paths through such multi-level tensions—by employing a mix of shared leadership, strategic planning, and particular practices of communication and organization—can in turn facilitate more robust and sustainable collaborative efforts. An appendix provides exercises for use in building, evaluating, and trouble-shooting multi-sector collaborations, as well as links to online tools and recommendations for additional resources.

For more information and related resources as well as 30% discount code, please visit | To purchase on Amazon, click here. | To see UW’s webpage about book, click here. | Dr. Foot’s UW profile

To participate in a discussion of this book and/or topic, go to Twitter and this hashtag: #CollaboratingAgainstHumanTrafficking.

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