BURMA: Shan State Records Most Human Trafficking Cases

Posted by http://www.elevenmyanmar.com on January 14, 2014—
“The number of cases of human trafficking from Myanmar to China increased last year, with most of the activity coming from Shan State, according to the Anti-Human Trafficking Police Force.

Some 40 human trafficking incidents out of the 120 nationwide occurred in Shan State last year, while the Yangon region saw 18 cases,” a police officer from the force told Eleven Media.

Human trafficking

The officer added that a total of 256 people were trafficked to China in the 120 cases last year. The police forces have been monitoring states and regions on a full-time basis, as well as border areas, in an effort to prevent human trafficking. The police force members say their efforts are gaining momentum in the fight against human trafficking.

The majority of Myanmar women trafficked into China are subjected to forced marriage. Those going to Thailand are forced into prostitution.

Myanmar is cooperating with countries in the Mekong region, as well as with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including ten ASEAN countries, on the issue of trans-boundary human trafficking. The assistance, cooperation and protection provided by the government for the trafficked victims has been very meager, according to social organizations.”

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