SEATTLE: Sex Trafficking Documentary “Chosen” Features Local Victims—Premieres Sept. 26

By Dana Rebik on September 20, 2013—
“On Thursday, September 26, 2013, the Seattle Aquarium will open its doors and turn down the lights for students and community members at the Seattle Premiere of Chosen.

The new film tells the shocking true story of two All-American girls tricked into trafficking. Brianna and Lacy explain how pimps targeted them in their Washington neighborhoods and how they were rescued. The film was created by Shared Hope International, an international anti-trafficking organization founded by former Washington Congresswoman Linda Smith, to educate youth on the dangers of trafficking.

Today in America, experts estimate at least 100,000 U.S. children are being trafficking within U.S. borders, at the alarming average age of 13 years old. The film and corresponding action pack teach youth the warning signs of trafficking and equip them with resources to protect themselves and others.

Guests may enjoy a VIP reception with drinks and heavy appetizers; a private reception with the cast of the film including Linda Smith, Brianna Myers, and others; exclusive access to the aquariums exhibits and a special viewing of the live otter feeding. Waterfront ticket packages are available and include access to the Seattle Great Wheel ferris wheel (open till 10:30 PM) and parking.”

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