BILLINGS: Photographer Helps Human Trafficking Victims

By Christin Corrado on July 11, 2013—

Watch the video interview here.

“A young Billings photographer returns from the other side of the world, with a new purpose in life.

23-year old Kristin Carroll spent about two weeks taking photographs of victims of human trafficking and desperate orphans. Carroll was inspired to help out victims of human trafficking and decided to get involved with the Word Of Life Church in Billings, where she signed up to travel to Mumbai, India, and take photos of women to help tell their stories.

“You would see mothers with their babies coming up to the windows knocking on the window begging for food or money,” says Carroll.

Carroll and the rest of her group traveled to one of the largest sex trafficking areas of Mumbai.

“So you walk in through the red light district and its one of the most dark, oppressive places that I’ve ever seen. But you walk up these dark stairs into this woman’s salon and you walk into the salon and its just light,” says Carroll.

Carroll and her crew from Word Of Life Church worked with victims of sex trafficking in that Mumbai salon.

“It was just so cool because she’s able to take women in and just show them Christ and show them love and show them what they deserve because they’re being abused all day long,” says Carroll.

Carroll hopes her photographs will encourage local residents to help those in need, globally. Carroll also traveled to Nepal and spent time at an orphanage helping young children.”

For the original article, please click here.

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