‘National Day of Johns’ Arrests

“Buyers of sex are increasingly becoming the target of law enforcement efforts to end prostitution and sex trafficking. Police recognize that sex buyers perpetuate a violent, exploitative industry. If no one were buying sex, pimps would not be supplying bars, back alleys, and websites with victims.

Under the leadership of Sherriff Dart, Cook County (IL) Sheriff’s Office has organized five “National Day of Johns Arrests.” The most recent sweep coincided with the 2013 Super Bowl. More than 20 law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, worked together in 13 different states, simultaneously conducting sting activities on the streets, in hotels, in brothels, via the internet, and elsewhere.

Public awareness around the operation was made possible by a grant from Demand Abolition. This includes the replication of more than 4,000 “Johns School” DVDs for distribution to law enforcement agencies nationwide. Produced by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, these DVDs provide an overview of content found in first offender prostitution programs, or “john schools.” As in the classes, the DVD aims to deter men from purchasing sex by educating them about the harms and consequences of prostitution on themselves, on the people they purchase, and on the community.”

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