Myanmar Activists Fight for Child Servant Rights

Originally posted by AFP on Yahoo! News on February 15, 2017—
“Thi Thi Nwe waited three days until the girl was left unguarded in her hospital bed to approach her, the first step in a months-long process highlighting the challenges of protecting child servants.

The NGO worker first saw the teenager, whose back and torso were covered with livid burns, in December but there was always someone by her bedside ensuring no one could get close.

“When I saw her, she covered her chest with a cloth. Her back was covered with a bandage,” Thi Thi Nwe told AFP during a recent visit to the southern city of Mawlamyine.

“Some people… asked me not to talk to her because her guardian didn’t like it. Then I suspected something. It’s not right if they don’t even want any questions asked.”

When she and her colleague finally managed to approach Khin Khin Tun the 14-year-old was too scared to talk, saying she had spilt boiling water on herself by accident.

It was only when they turned leave that the girl blurted out her employer had attacked her, the latest incident in what she says were years of abuse inflicted on her and her sister.”

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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