Florida Schoolgirl in Snapchat Video ‘with 25 Boys’ Was ‘Victim of Sex Trafficking’

Originally posted by Will Worley on The Independent.co.uk on May 27, 2016—
“A 15-year-old schoolgirl who was filmed purportedly being raped by a group of male students in a Florida school toilet was a victim of human trafficking, it has been claimed.

Twenty-five male students were identified using CCTV going into the Lee County high school’s main boys’ bathroom while the girl was inside last week.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tony Schall said a video of the incident was then posted on Snapchat and Twitter.

Authorities initially decided not to pursue the incident, as neither the girl nor her parents were willing to press charges.

But after the video of the incident emerged online, the Florida Department of Children and Families launched an investigation.”

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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