‘Human rights violation’: ‘Virginity tests’ conducted on Afghan women

Originally posted on Yahoo News Digest—
“Afghan women and girls accused of so-called moral crimes are often forced to endure invasive and scientifically questionable “virginity tests” by government doctors, according to a report publicized by Human Rights Watch. Improving the lives and rights of women remains a major challenge in Afghanistan nearly 15 years after a U.S.-backed military campaign ousted the Taliban’s hard-line Islamist regime. In most cases, the tests, which can include invasive genital as well as anal exams, are carried out in the presence of male guards and others, and often amount to “torture” with “horrible effects and consequences,” the report found. The tests claim to verify whether a woman has been sexually active outside of marriage, but the veracity of the exams has been widely debunked by scientists.”

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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