Afghan Civiliain Casualties Top 11,000 to Hit Record in 2015

Originally published on February 14, 2016 on Yahoo News Digest—
“Civilian injuries in Afghanistan’s long war with the Taliban rose last year, with women and children again bearing the brunt of the violence, the United Nations said in a report on Sunday. The number of civilians killed or wounded in Afghanistan last year was the highest recorded since 2009, with children paying a particularly heavy price. Fighting and attacks in populated areas and major cities were described as the main causes of civilian deaths in 2015, underscoring a push by Taliban militants into urban centers “with a high likelihood of causing civilian harm,” the report stated.

The truth is the figures in themselves are awful — over 11,000 Afghans died or were injured last year as a result of this conflict.

U.N.’s Assistance Mission in Afghanistan head Nicholas Haysom

The UN began comping the annual report in 2009. Including Taliban-claimed attacks, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan assigned responsibility for 62 percent of total civilian casualties in 2015 to anti-government elements”


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