Malaysian Photographer Takes Photos Of Refugees With Their Most Valuable Belongings

Originally published by Sadho Ram on Oct. 4, 2015, on—
“Photographer Adi Sarfi’s photos of refugees posing with their most valuable belongings that they escaped with during their journey to Malaysia to seek refuge are at once striking and revealing. Titled ‘Home and Away’, the results offer a rare glimpse into what do people, in their most desperate time for survival, hold most dear.

The main challenge Adi says he faced was how to get close to these refugees who’ve escaped their country, leaving everything behind!

In order to make them comfortable enough to share their lives and belongings with him, Adi says he needed to spend time with them.

Another challenge was to identify the location of their settlements in Malaysia. After we came across his project, we sought permission from him to use his photos for SAYS, a request he happily obliged.

For the rest of the original article AND PHOTOS, please click HERE.

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