Can ‘Big Data’ Stamp Out Human Trafficking?

By Maggie Lake on CNN on August 11, 2015—
“Behind a locked door in a secret location in Washington D.C., workers are patrolling one of the front lines in the war against human trafficking.

But the people engaged in this battle aren’t armed with guns and tanks — instead their strength is the telephone, and all the information it can provide, to fight for freedom.

This is the home of Polaris, the non-profit company that runs the U.S.’s Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline. Since 2007, its employees have answered more than 85,000 calls for help.

This year alone, callers have reported 1,345 cases of human trafficking across the country, from California to Colorado, Ohio to Oregon.

“One of the functions of the national hotline is people calling with tips,” explains Polaris CEO Bradley Myles, who says the company’s independent NGO status means people are more willing to talk.

“Lots of people are comfortable calling a non-profit like Polaris because we’re not the government, we’re not law enforcement. When they call us, their voice isn’t being recorded as part of a federal case.”

And while callers’ voices aren’t taped, those they speak to record every detail of their conversation, in the hope that the information they provide could help save someone from traffickers.”

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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