Decriminalization of Sex Work Would Only Expand Abuse

Originally published by Peter Holmes on August 6, 2015 for The Seattle Times—
“Amnesty International is considering supporting the global decriminalization of crimes related to commercial sexual exploitation. This would be a travesty. The sex trade is rapidly growing here and across the world. Decriminalization would only expand the abuse and deepen the inequality inherent in the commercial sex trade.

Amnesty International’s mission against sex trafficking is noble. However, decriminalization, including amnesty for sex buyers, pimps and brothel owners, stands in direct opposition to that mission. Decriminalization supports the very root of sex trafficking, which exists for one reason only: to supply the demand for commercial sex. By chilling the demand for sex buying, we chill the economic incentives for sex trafficking.”

For the rest of the original article, please click HERE.

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