Thai Police Moved Over ‘Human Trafficking Links’

Originally posted by BBC News on May 7, 2015—
“Thai authorities say more than 50 officers have been transferred from their posts over suspected links to human traffickers.

The announcement came after mass graves and more than 30 bodies were found in the south over the past week.

The victims were thought to be migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh who paid smugglers to get them across Thailand.

The military junta has given local authorities until the end of next week to eradicate camps used by smugglers.

But Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who ordered the operation, also said the problem was “from abroad and not from us”.

“To solve it we must look to the source because we are merely a transit country,” he said.”

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One thought on “Thai Police Moved Over ‘Human Trafficking Links’

  1. Reblogged this on Armor Of God Foundation and commented:
    By the time you have finish reading this, 15 more children would have been abused, another 5 people would be victims of Human trafficking, in the next 5 minutes 10 more people will become victims of trafficking and 30 more children abused, in the next hour 120 more victims of human trafficking, and 360 more children abused. by tonight close to 8000 children would be abused of which 5 will die, and on a day. 2 880 people will be new victims of human trafficking a day of which 1000 will die within 7-14 days of their abduction. Human trafficking is now the higest criminal way of making money, it by passed drug trafficking in 2012. Child abuse has increased by 134% since the 80’s both is now a world wide epidemic. The high jump in trafficking cases and child abuse cases and death of these victims, shows the lack of public knowledge. Educate yourself — learn the facts— it might safe a child or traffic victim-

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