REPORT: World’s Poorest Won’t Get Basics for Decades Without New Aid Model

Originally published by Yahoo News Digest on February 3, 2015—
“It will take 100 years for some of the world’s poorest people to get basic health care, sanitation and education services, unless the current approach to aid is radically changed, said a report published on Tuesday. The current “one size fits all” approach to aid doesn’t recognize political realities or the competence of certain countries to deliver donor-funded aid programs, the report stated. For example, Across sub-Saharan Africa, boys from healthy urban families will be completing primary school education 65 years before all girls from poor rural families will have the same opportunities.”

For the original post, please click here.

Our research has shown us that projects delivering good results are locally led, politically smart and often employ entrepreneurial techniques. Looking how aid works is more important than how much to spend.

Leni Wild, lead author of the report


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