New Report from National Human Rights Commission Focuses on Women Trafficked in South Asia

Originally published on The Himalayan Times on Septebmer 6, 2014β€”
“A recently released report of the National Human Rights Commissions titled Trafficking in persons especially on women and children in Nepal, which is based on the data of various governmental and non-governmental organisations, says that majority of women and children are being trafficked for sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and entertainment sectors.

Especially women are being trafficked to India, Gulf countries, Khasa, Tibet and Bangladesh among others. Almost half of the trafficking survivors were aged between 16 and 25.

According to the report, 29,000 people were trafficked or attempted to be trafficked (16,000 were attempted to traffic, 13,000 were trafficked) in 2012-13 against 11,500 in 2011. The Global Slavery Index 2013 estimated that at least 250,000 to 270,000 Nepalis were enslaved, of which at least 6,250 to 6,750 were trafficked.

The report shows the total number of missing children recorded in 2012-13 was 1,453.

The report also points that cross-border trafficking of children for labour exploitation appears especially in circus performance, agriculture, manufacturing and construction work while internal trafficking of children appears in embroidering, domestic work, brick kilns among others.

Likewise, internal trafficking phenomena is concerned with entertainment sector, namely, dance, cabin restaurants and massage parlours in the country.

The report further reveals that female workers in the entertainment sectors faced problems from owners, clients, police and co-workers.”

For the rest of the original article, please click here.

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