Booming Oil Fields May Be Giving Sex Trafficking A Boost

Originally posted by Dan Boyce on on February 1, 2014—
“A Friday night at J Dub’s Bar & Grill in Williston, N.D., begins and ends with multicolored flashing lights, thumping dance music and crowds of young men with money to spend.

“A lot of testosterone being thrown around in this town,” says Nathan Kleyer, 24, a Williston native who’s at J Dub’s with some friends for a few drinks.

And he’s seen it all over town, he says: “These scantily clad women walking in, and they will hop tables until they find a john to take them home.”

He’s seen it in bars, and he’s even heard about it at a nearby chain restaurant, he says.

“If you’re looking for it, you can find it; it’s there,” Kleyer says. “You know, there’s women looking to make money, too.”

This is the kind of anecdotal story you hear about prostitution in the Bakken oil fields region. The workforce is well-paid and is predominantly male. Ask people who live there, and it doesn’t take long before you start hearing about a rise in prostitution.

Tiffany Aho runs a cleaning company in nearby Sidney, Mont. Her company cleans oil field offices in the North Dakota oil fields as well as “man camps,” the clusters of long narrow buildings or trailers built by oil companies to cheaply house workers.

“We get several people when we’re out on locations that ask if we offer more services than just cleaning,” she says.

“Sex services?” a reporter asks.


For the rest of the original article, please click here.

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