Faith-Based Human Rights Group Calling for End of Violence in Central African Republic

By Chris Woodward for on June 2, 2014—
“A human-rights organization for Christians is calling for international response to sectarian violence in the Central African Republic.

On May 28, Muslim terrorists attacked a Roman Catholic church in the capital city of the Central African Republic, killing 30 people.

Cameron Thomas with International Christian Concern says prayer always comes first for the body of Christ to pray for those who are being persecuted for their faith.

“In addition, what can be done is to just call on the United State’s leaders and international bodies like the United Nations – perhaps the United States military command throughout Africa – to seek further action to stabilize the Central African Republic,” he tells OneNewsNow.

Thomas says the United Nations has already sent a special envoy to investigate reports of genocide in the Central African Republic.

“And this is interesting,” Thomas explains, “because the UN has claimed that there is both potential genocide – or ‘imminent,’ I believe, was the exact word – imminent genocide six months ago or so when it was primarily Christians who were being attacked.”

More information can be found on the International Christian Concern website.”

For the original article, please click here.

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