PAKISTAN: Parents Accused of Human Trafficking for Attempting to Sell 15-Year-Old Daughter for Dhs10,000

By Ali Shouk on March 20, 2104—
“The Pakistani couple appeared at Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

Prosecutors said they came to Dubai as visitors with their daughter last August and forced her to sleep with men for money, claiming they needed the cash as they were broke. One client paid them Dhs16,000 to take their daughter’s virginity.

However, the following month Dubai Police received information about the husband and wife, 38 and 35, including that they were looking for someone to buy their daughter.

The court was told that the force sent in an undercover officer who claimed that he wanted to have sex with the girl and was willing to buy her for Dhs10,000.

The father allegedly agreed and took his daughter to a hotel in Hor Al Anz. The girl was taken up to the undercover officer’s hotel room, where he handed over the cash.

“I heard my father telling the man to be kind to me and not to hurt me,” the girl said. “I saw the man give money to my father then the police raided the place and arrested them.”

She added: “My parents asked me to have sex with strangers as we were poor. Once they took me to a hotel and I had sex with a Pakistani man for Dhs16,000.”

The girl’s mother allegedly confessed that she had worked as a prostitute for her husband. Dubai Police also arrested two other Pakistani men, who are accused of running a brothel and helping the father to find customers for his daughter.

“We also traced the Pakistani man who had sex with her for Dhs16,000 and arrested him,” an officer said. “We found five Pakistani prostitutes in the brothel also.’

The father denies a charge of human trafficking, while the mother denies prostitution. The two Pakistani men also deny running a brothel.

The case has been adjourned to next month to hear the defence.”

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