ENGLAND: Ringleader of Human Trafficking Gang that Arranged Sham Marriages Jailed

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Published on the Dewsbury Reporter on April 1, 2014—
“A Dewsbury man who was the ringleader of a human trafficking gang that arranged sham marriages has been jailed.

Sandor Orsos, of Crawshaw Street, and Pakistani Shahbaz Khan, from Bury, headed up a gang that trafficked three women from Hungary into the UK through the Port of Dover.

Bolton Crown Court heard that the women were forced to marry Pakistani men once they were in the UK.

Hungarian Orsos, 48, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and was jailed for four years and six months on Monday, March 31. Khan pleaded guilty to trafficking into the UK for exploitation of three females and conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration. He was jailed for six years and three months for trafficking and four years for conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration, to run concurrently.

A third gang member, Amjad Khan, from Bury, was found guilty of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and was jailed for three years.”

For the original article, please click here.

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