SACRAMENTO: Human Trafficking Brings Easy Money, Hard Lives For Teenage Girls

By Ron Jones for CBS13 on February 25, 2014—
“Federal investigators say Sacramento is a gateway for human trafficking, and they say victims and their peddlers at are the proof.

CBS13’s Ron Jones is getting answers and giving us a look at how Sacramento came to earn a No. 2 national ranking in human trafficking by getting one of the street pimps to share his secrets.

The feds accuse him of running a sophisticated human trafficking circuit across the central valley. He promised to take us deep into the game if we didn’t reveal his identity.

“In the prostitution game, you don’t need any money to make money,” he said. “It’s like instant. It’s not like I got to go to college, and I got to get a degree.”

The girls, the victims, start young in their early teens.

He says the game promises a lavish lifestyle, something glamorized in rap music.

“The rappers 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg got a song called ‘I’m a P.I.M.P.’ he said. “People are rapping to that all over the world, whether you’re white, Asian, black, Mexican or anything.”

Sacramento County’s anti-human trafficking unit says the glamor is an illusion.

“The population we’re talking about is extremely vulnerable,” said an undercover officer. “And they’re running away from something. So many of them are involved in the foster care system. They have bad situations at home.”

Many are homeless youth, some as young as 14 having what’s called “survival sex” for food and shelter.

“They have nothing else to give other than to sell their bodies unfortunately,” the officer said.”

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