CHARLOTTE: Teen Held in Motel, Forced into Prostitution

From on November 18, 2013—
“Police in Charlotte are investigating a woman for human trafficking after they found a 15-year-old at an east Charlotte motel who says she was being held against will and forced to have sex with men.

Police responded to the Econo Lodge on the 3000 block of E. Independence Boulevard on Friday afternoon to find the 15-year-old teenage girl in the room with an unknown man, according to the search warrant filed by police in Mecklenburg County.

The girl, who was listed as a missing person, had been able to contact a friend to tell her she was being held at the motel against her will. The friend then told the teen’s grandmother who called police.

She told police she was being held in the motel room after she was recruited as a prostitute by a woman who works under the street name Tiffany, according to the warrant.

Tiffany would then transport the teen to call outs and also make appointments for men to come to the motel room to have sex with the teen, the warrant states.

Whenever the teen tried to escape or tried to refuse performing sex acts, Tiffany would assault her, the warrant states.

The victim told investigators from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Tiffany lived at an apartment complex on the 6500 block of Monroe Road.

Tiffany cooperated with investigators and came in voluntarily for an interview, according to the warrant.

Police filed the warrant to obtain several cell phones the teen said Tiffany used to run her operation.

The warrant goes on to say that Tiffany also took photos of the teen with them and posted them as ads on, an adult ad site.

“In all these cases, there’s nothing wrong with the girl, there’s something wrong with what’s happening to her,” said Mark Blackwell, the head of Justice Ministries.

Justice Ministries is a group aimed at rescuing women from prostitution and sites like

When police searched the apartment, they took four cell phones, a laptop and handgun.

The investigation is ongoing.”

For the original article, please click here.

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