Needy Charlotte Families Get Help for the Holidays

By Rad Berky for NBC Charlotte on December 17, 2013—
“As many as one-thousand families in Charlotte’s South End are getting an early Christmas.

Trucks from the Second Harvest Food Bank delivered thousands of pounds of turkeys, other food supplies, diapers and school supplies to the Bethlehem Center located just off Remount Road.

The center serves neighborhood families who live below the poverty line.

The center’s director, William McDonald said, “So many of our families have to do without or have very little at Christmas time. So for them to be able to take this to their homes is really going to brighten their holidays.”

Among those watching was Ty Horne and her son Stevie.

She said, “I wasn’t planning on cooking for Christmas, but with the things I have now, there is going to be Christmas dinner.”

It is estimated that there are some 500,000 people living in the area below the poverty line.

Kay Carter from the Second Harvest Food Bank said there is a special feeling that comes with being able to help at the holidays.

“You know, I have the best job in the world,” she said.

Shirley White had to hold back tears as she watched the holiday surprises that would go to her family and so many others.

“I don’t want to cry right now but this is a blessing,” she said.”

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