Six Traffickers Detained Attempting to Deport 23 People to Malaysia

By Tarek Mahmud, Chittagong, on November 23, 2013—
“Police detained six human traffickers and rescued 23 victims who were ready to be shipped off to Malaysia from the port city of Chittagong.

The raid was conducted in a joint operation by Panchlaish and Chandgaon police on Friday at midnight, police said. Chittagong Metropolitan Police Panchlaish Circle Assistant Commissioner Shah Mohammad Abdur Raouf related details of the incident. The 23 were primarily employed as construction workers at a building site located in Khatiberhat area, police said.

The site owner Mohsin was an affiliate who allowed aided the entire process in exchange for money. The gang-leader Ismail has a relative living in Malaysia who promised him Tk5,000 commission per individual. He brought 23 people and put them to work while processing of trafficking was underway. There were four other boatmen involved who were prepared to take the 23 to Malaysia through the Bay of Bengal.

All of the six were detained and being kept at Panchlaish police station, Commissioner Abdur Raouf said.”

For the original article, please click here.

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