OKLAHOMA CITY: Prostitution Sting Nabs Some Notable Names

By Lisa Monahan, News 9, on October 25, 2013—
“From the sordid streets of Oklahoma City, to the seedy sex ads found on the internet, Oklahoma City Police embarked on a week-long prostitution sting.

Undercover officers busted 22 suspected prostitutes, escorts, customers, and pimps during the operation. Eleven were picked up on South Robinson and the surrounding area. Nearly a dozen more arrested by undercover officers who intercepted sex ads online.

The online sting happened over the course of two days. When the alleged customers or alleged escorts showed up to hotel rooms on South Meridian in Oklahoma City, they were arrested.

“The consequences go far deeper than prosecution,” said Brian Bates, an anti- prostitution advocate operating JohnTV.com. “It will damage your reputation and it can damage your business reputation.”

According to a comparison of arrest reports from Oklahoma City Police and state records for business filings, a couple of wealthy investors who are tied to parts of town the city is trying to revitalize, were caught responding to sex ads online.

Avraham Shemuelian, an investor with E&E Capital of Los Angeles, is tied to the $1.4 million building at 1141 N. Robinson in Midtown. He also recently acquired a property for $475,000 at 1200 N. Robinson in Midtown. Shemuelian is one of the 22 arrested.

“It’s pretty ironic when you have groups that come here to revitalize parts of town but they are caught engaging in the very activity that can actually have the exact opposite effect on those parts of town,” Bates said

Neither Shemuelian nor his investment company returned calls from News 9 before this report was filed.”
For the original article, please click here.

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