SYRIA: Tunisian Sex Slave ‘Married 152 Jihadists’

Published on September 27, 2013—
“A 21-year-old former La Manouba undergraduate in history has told the Tunisian Al Mijhar weekly that she became a sex slave in Syria after leaving for the country with a man who she married in an ”orfi” ceremony, which is illegal due to its unofficial nature. The girl said that she had been abandoned by the man once in Syria, after which she ended up engaging in ‘jihad al nikah’ with 152 fighters, some of whom she ”married” for only a few hours. The girl, who says she has worn an Islamic headscarf since age 17, returned home six-months pregnant after a year in Syria and following the death of her last ”husband”, a Tunisian as well who took up arms with Jabhat An-Nusra as do many of his fellow countrymen, but whom the extremists of the group are suspicious and sometimes contemptuous of, and who they are said to use as ”cannon fodder” in the case of an attack on regime positions. The girl said that she, like many of the other ‘sex slaves’ from Tunisia, had to have sex with at least five fighters per week, with whom she engaged in a ‘jihad al nikah’, believing that in this way they would pave the way to paradise for them.

The girl also said that many of her ‘sisters’ suffer from venereal diseases that they are unable to treat due to a lack of pharmaceuticals in the war zone.”

For the original article, please click here.

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