‘Slavery and Freedom in the Making of America’-Oct 23-Nov 13

As the United States marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation in 2013, the History Lecture Series returns this fall with four presentations by nationally recognized historians on the theme “Slavery and Freedom in the Making of America.” The speakers will consider the imagined roots of slavery in Greco-Roman antiquity, the origins and development of racial slavery across the Americas and its centrality to the creation of the United States, and the continued legacies of slavery in post-emancipation American life.

October 23rd, Kane 130, Sandra Joshel: Ancient Roman Slavery and American History

October 30th, Kane 130, Stephanie Smallwood: Slavery, Race, and the Origins of American Freedom

November 6th, Kane 130, Stephanie Camp: Slavery, Antebellum America’s National Institution

November 13th, Kane 120, Moon-Ho Jung: Race, Empire, and Post-Emancipation Struggles for Freedom

Tickets are on sale right now via Ticketleap. Please click here for more details.

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