PHILIPPINES: Two Iconic Fighters Save Kids From Sex Traffickers

“One woman fighting a never-ending battle against sex slavery enlists a warrior ally to her corner. Both find inspiration in each other and the children they saved as they take on the most challenging fight of their lives. CNN spent two years with exclusive access to activist Cecila Flores-Oebanda, boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and anti-trafficking police in the Philippines.”

By Leif Coorlim, CNN—
“Cecilia Flores-Oebanda has spent her life fighting — as a child for some education, as a teen rebel against a dictator, and for more than 20 years against human traffickers. Read how Oebanda is inspired by fallen rebels.

She has become the face of the Philippines anti-trafficking movement — a woman who has the ear of presidents, royalty and philanthropists around the globe.

Along the way she persuaded the biggest name in the Philippines — boxing legend Manny Pacquiao — to join her fight. Read how Pacquiao got involved and helped secure a legal victory.

After two years of reporting in the Philippines – from going on police raids in Manila to going undercover in search of human trafficking in remote provinces — CNN can now tell their story. See images of Oebanda.

Rescued girls describe how they were recruited by traffickers, the ordeals they endured — sometimes by men a computer click and half-a-world away — and how Oebanda saved them. Read the girls’ horrific stories of abuse and new hope.

And we go undercover in Manila’s bars where girls are available for tourists. Read a night undercover in Manila’s unofficial red light zone.

Now Oebanda is fighting a battle that could truly ruin her reputation and the organization she created — fraud allegations made by Philippine investigators. See how Oebanda’s work has slumped since the allegations.

To watch the full documentary, please click here.

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