‘Rape for Profit’ Documentary Available August 6th on iTunes

A note from Karen Olcott, Partnerships for Global Impact:

“Dear friends,

Rape for Profit <http://www.rapeforprofitfilm.com/>  is a stark and powerful
documentary shot in Seattle, and reveals the growing awareness of sex
trafficking in American cities. The theatrical-released film takes viewers
undercover with local law enforcement in downtown alleyways and suburban
neighborhoods, to show that girls as young a twelve years old are bought and
sold as many as 15 times a night to service the desire of men. It tackles
the lust of men and proliferation of pornography in American society, and
calls to end demand for sexual exploitation and to stop the next generation
of buyers. You are a powerful voice in the cross-sector leadership that is
fighting the issue across Washington State – thank you.

Jada Pinkett Smith and I have joined others as Executive Producers of the
film, because we believe Rape for Profit <http://www.rapeforprofitfilm.com/>
is a powerful tool to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking.
There are rave reviews from Hollywood (in the EPK
<http://rapeforprofitfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Media-Deck1.zip> ),
and we encourage you to watch the trailer
<http://rapeforprofitfilm.com/trailer/> , and to partner with us for the
iTunes launch
<https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/rape-for-profit/id667564959>  on August
6th.  The film makers are directing 20% of the iTunes proceeds towards
local, national and international NGOs who participate in the film’s

Human trafficking is the human rights issue of the 21st century, and is
tearing a gaping hole in the fabric of our society. Called “an outrage and
the injustice of our lifetime” President Obama has mobilized government
agencies to work together to end modern slavery. We encourage non-profits,
public agencies, private businesses, elected officials, students, and
families to see the film and to take action locally
<http://bit.ly/r4pfeedback> . Through community action we can begin to
retune and assure the respect the dignity of every individual.

It takes a collective shout to end trafficking. To join us in this important
step, please contact me <mailto:Karen@KarenOlcott.com>  or the film makers
<mailto:Jason@mewfilms.com> .


Karen Olcott
Partnerships for Global Impact

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