USA: Rep. Gov. Brian Sandoval Signs Major Anti-SexTrafficking Bill

USA, Carson City, Nev. (AP)—
“Sex trafficking is being defined in Nevada’s statutes for the first time in state history, and the penalties for associated crimes just got tougher.-1

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval signed AB67 into law Thursday with Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto looking on. Masto was the bill’s primary proponent.

“Nevada is taking a stand to protect the lives of sex trafficking victims,” said Masto in a statement. “I am extremely proud of the collaborative work of supporters, stakeholders, and elected officials that went into this law. I remain committed to the fight against this rapidly growing crime that deprives children and young adults of their human rights.”

The new law defines sex trafficking, stiffens criminal penalties, provides tools for victims and law enforcement officers and includes customers of trafficked persons in the same criminal class as the traffickers in some cases.

It becomes the second significant anti-trafficking bill signed by Sandoval this year. The governor previously signed AB146 which deals with labor trafficking of minors.

Masto says this year’s session is a springboard for future legislation aimed at combatting human trafficking in the Silver State.

Governor Brian Sandoval today made the following statement after signing AB 67, the sex trafficking legislation:

“I applaud the Attorney General and the Legislature for their diligent work on protecting victims of sex trafficking and I am proud to sign AB 67. I am pleased this legislation will protect the innocent victims of sex trafficking and help bring sex traffickers to justice.””

To see the full story, please click here.

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