Seattle’s New Framework to Combat Youth Sex Trafficking


A note from Seattle Against Slavery:
“Beginning more than two years ago, the City of Seattle’s Human Services Department began a project to develop a strategic framework to respond to the issue of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth (CSEY), also known as Youth Sex Trafficking.

After conducting significant engagement with local anti-trafficking organizations such as Seattle Against Slavery and experts across the field of social services and youth outreach, Seattle HSD composed a plan for 2013-2014 to implement a community-wide response to youth sex trafficking in our area.  This plan was presented in October 2012 for key stakeholder review, and while it is a flexible document that continues to receive updates based on emerging data and best practices, we are now able to share this important work out with the SAS community.

We are thrilled at this collaborative effort of government, law enforcement, service organizations, and community groups coming together to act intentionally and responsibly on behalf of victims, survivors, and those at risk for commercial sexual exploitation.”

To download and read the framework, please click here.