YEMEN: Organ Traffickers Rake in Big Bucks

SANA’A, YEMEN by Sadeq Al-Wesabi for Yemen Times (12/13/12)—
“Sana’a Security  forces declared that they arrested a group of human organ traffickers on Tuesday.

In recent years, security has arrested several traffickers who are often part of wider networks that are taking advantage of harsh economic conditions in Yemen.

Colonel Mohammed Al-Sobari, the manager of Public relations in Yemen’s Criminal Investigation Department  told the Yemen Times that the absence of a law deterring human organ trafficking in Yemen has led to a spread of the phenomena.

“The government tried in the past to deny the existence of such activity but later confessed that this has become a problem,” he said.

Al-Sobari revealed that there are gangs working in Yemen that exploit women and children to sell their organs.

He confirmed that Yemen’s Criminal Investigation Department is determined to fight this phenomenon. “We’ve formed a national committee to limit the actions of human organ trafficking. We’re also preparing for a Yemen-wide strategy to deter the gangs who exploit Yemenis’ suffering and pain.”

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