USA: Seven States Allow Survivors of Trafficking to Vacate Criminal Convictions

WASHINGTON, D.C, USA, by Barbara Amaya of the Washington Times (9/4/12) — How would you feel if you watched the news and heard a story about a victim of horrific crimes traumatized over and over by multiple people, then news anchor went on to say that after this terrible crime was committed the victim was arrested, more than once.

This is happening right now in our country, the United States. Victims of human trafficking who have already been traumatized and exploited by predators are being arrested.

If a victim somehow manages to escape the hands of their trafficker, the criminal record can follow them and negatively impact their lives.  Employment, housing, education, loans, banking, credit, insurance, passports voting privileges and more are all effected by the stigma of a criminal record, a stigma that is hard if not impossible to erase.

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