USA: Buyer Beware — Law Enforcement Across the Nation Targets “Johns” to End Human Trafficking

CHICAGO, Illinois, USA by PR Newswire (8-21-12) — Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s “National Day of Johns Arrests” campaign launched its third nationwide sweep this month which resulted in 268 arrests of “Johns” and charged with $299,710 in fines. This national sweep, named “Operation: Buyer Beware,” included 20 United States law enforcement agencies in eleven different states simultaneously conducting sting activities on the streets, in hotels and brothels and on the internet over a 10-day period. In Cook County alone, 66 “Johns” arrests were made.

“Human trafficking is a worldwide concern that is affecting even the smallest of communities and neighborhoods and occurring in even the safest of places,” Sheriff Dart said. “This joint initiative of law enforcement agencies throughout the nation is just one of the many steps taken to put a stop to this vile crime and getting these offenders off the streets. We are very proud of all the hard work our agencies put into this operation and are well aware we still have a long way ahead to entirely eliminate the issue from society.”

Buyers of sex are increasingly becoming the target of law enforcement efforts to end prostitution and sex trafficking. Law enforcement recognizes that sex buyers perpetuate a violent, exploitative industry. If no one were to buy sex, pimps and traffickers would not be supplying bars, back alleys and websites with victims.

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