Girls 4 Sale

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA by Geraldine Sealey of Marie Claire (8/16/12) – For most businesses in the U.S., the Web has changed everything. The sex industry is no exception. Now underage girls are as easy to find online as shelter puppies, used cars, and apartment rentals.

“…Andrea Powell (of nonprofit, FAIR Girls) has met hundreds of underage girls who have been sold on Backpage and other sex sites.”

“According to the research group AIM, of the five major sites it reviewed, Backpage accounts for 70 percent of prostitution advertising; the site hosts an estimated 20,000 sex ads nationwide daily…Backpage raked in an estimated $26 million (via escort ads) for the company last year alone.”

“The abuse took its toll on Alissa…judge said the evidence in the case was some of the most disturbing she had ever heard.”

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