OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHuman beings are, too often, treated unjustly, marginalized, oppressed, abused, and/or targeted for criminal acts. At HUMAN RIGHTS SOCIETY, a nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington, USA, we are passionately dedicated to advocating for human rights for all because we believe, with all our hearts, that all humans have universal and intrinsic value — equally. Get involved and donate generously to our cause.

We align our mission with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Right and focus on key human rights issues: Children’s Rights, Girls/Women’s Rights, Poverty, Human Trafficking, Racial/Ethnic Discrimination, and Genocide.

We long to see children flourish without terror and war. We work to see girls and women have equal rights to education, safety, work, and pay. We long to see slavery abolished once and for all, versus the 29 million slaves that exist today. We want a world to work together to make sure people are not suffering from poverty.We yearn for people to treat each other with utmost and mutual respect without discrimination based on skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, etc. We insist that at-risk people groups be protected from genocide.

If you have an increasing passion to see basic human rights for all and want to get involved and learn more with us at Human Rights Society, please contact us here.

On behalf of Human Rights Society,

Alex Sum | Founder

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