Women’s Rights


DATE: 5/30/12

TIME: 6:30 pm Networking | 7:00 pm Forum | Keynote: Rep. Cindy Ryu (first Korean-American woman mayor in U.S.)

                                                    LOCATION: Fremont | 309 N. 36th St., Seattle, WA 98103

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“In the nineteenth century, the central moral challenge was slavery. In the twentieth century, it was the battle against totalitarianism. We believe that in this century the paramount moral challenge will be the struggle for gender equality around the world.” ~ Nicholas D. Kristof, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

What can we, as ordinary citizens, do to advance women’s rights? Come listen, discuss, and mobilize ourselves to further the movement of equality for women and girls in our society.

Featuring legislator Rep. Cindy Ryu, first Korean-American woman mayor in the U.S., we will have discuss what we can do together to advance women’s rights along with a panel such as Beth Roberts of Bald Solidarity.

There are major gaps in our society, media, corporate America, etc. where the female gender are objectified, denied, undignified, and a poor representation of their true worth.

And because 80% of all victims of slavery and human trafficking are women and girls, Hope for Justice (anti-trafficking NGO) desperately wants to help advance rights for those oppressed.

In partnership with Bald Solidarity, Hope for Justice presents this mobilization forum as a follow up to the ‘Miss Representation’ screening we organized back in Feb. 2012 which 260+ attended.


Twitter hashtag: #womenseattle

For more info: http://hopeforjustice.org/events/womens-rights-forum/

Questions? Email us at info@hopeforjustice.org