Abolition Community Social: Eat, Network & Documentary

‘Whores’ Glory’

Abolition Community Social: Eat, Network & Documentary

DATE: 5/1/12

TIME: 6:00 pm Happy Hour |  7:00 pm Film ‘Whores’ Glory’

HAPPY HOUR: Boom Noodle | Directions

TRAILER: Whores’ Glory

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                                                     RSVP: Alex Sum | alex@hopeforjustice.org

Abolitionists, unite! Community is important to us abolitionists to keep relations and unity of purpose at a high level. Let’s see this new documentary together on prostitution by Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger’s last film of his globalization trilogy series. The theatre assures me it’s not glamorizing prostitution but, with the live footages, shows the realism of it quite a bit.

“In 2011, Michael Glawogger completed his trilogy of Globalization Documentaries. The third installment zeroes in on prostitution on three fronts—religion, state, and language—in countries where each variable is different. In the City of Joy in Bangladesh, prostitutes see their services as the only thing keeping men from attacking women in the streets. Sex workers in Thailand hope to supplement their work—viewed as just another industry—with second jobs. And in a city tellingly close to the U.S. border, where the film finally crosses the innermost threshold of the sex industry, Mexican women form a cult around a merciful goddess of death. But anyone who has seen Megacities or Workingman’s Death will recognize the “signature” of Glawogger’s documentary camera: as it invades, it transforms, and startles the audience with scenes of surprising beauty.

He’s best known for the the three films in this series, including the mesmerizing Megacities (1998), an artful look at the underclass in Mexico City, Bombay, Moscow and New York. Glawogger employs a similar approach in Workingman’s Death, which depicts manual labor at the beginning of the 21st century through the eyes of coal miners in the Ukraine, ship dismantlers in Pakistan, slaughterers in a Nigerian stockyard and sulfur harvesters on an Indonesian mountain. His latest feature, Whore’s Glory, is a cinematic triptych on prostitution: three countries, three languages, three religions. Northwest Film forum welcomes Glowagger for a retrospective of his globalization trilogy. See web for show times and more information.”